Da Blog, Boss! Da Blog!

March 18, 2008

Welcome to Fantasy Baseball Island!  (where’s Ricardo Montalban when you need him?)  My intention is to cover my journey through the 2008 fantasy baseball season.  I am in five leagues this year, which is the most I’ve ever done during one season.  They range from the remnants of a college buddy league to my long term cash league to a competitive mlb.com related league to a minor celebrity league.  The latter, which will be the main focus here (though I’m sure that the other leagues will get a fair share of discussion as well), is Dave Dameshek’s NL League.  Dave Dameshek, a former writer for the Man Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live, now hosts his own radio show on ESPN 710 in Los Angeles.  A link to his podcast page will be posted shortly, but needless to say he has started up a show sponsored fantasy baseball league.  We draft tomorrow, and I’ll be back with initial reaction to the draft as well as a league overview.  Talk to you then!